David Bengoa
David Bengoa
David Bengoa

About me

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. Since I was born, the earth has completed 24.00000000 revolutions around the sun.

I like to create things.

I'm a free software and open standards enthusiast. I have collaborated with several free software projects, with whom I have learned more than you can imagine.

As offline hobbies, I travel, cycle, climb and do snowboard.

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Memwallet is a deterministic cryptocurrency address generator, like WarpWallet but for Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Bitcoin

Memwallet repository


Pinyin Bot is a Skype bot helps you to teach or learn Chinese. It translates either Traditional or Simplified Chinese into Pinyin.

Pinyinbot Homepage


Convert your old smartphone in a hardware wallet

Tinfoil repository


Splitbits is React Native (iOS and Android) Bitcoin and Litecoin Wallet

My commits in Splitbits


Splash is a free software scriptable headless browser with an HTTP API.

My commits in Splash


Portia is a free software tool that lets you scrape web sites without any programming knowledge required.

My commits in Portia


A curses command line application to see the state of the git working directory and add files to a commit. Useful if you normally commit if a git status -> diff -> add loop.

Gitco repository


Wait for asynchronous behaviour of code you don't control by monkey-patching setTimeout, XMLHttpRequest and friends.

Asyncwait repository

Hacker News RSS feed

A RSS Feed for Hacker News with inline images, main content extraction and inlined comments.

Github repository

Product Hunt RSS feed

A RSS Feed for Product Hunt with inline images, main content extraction and inlined comments.

Github repository


With BrowserBlade, me and my team pushed the boundaries of the web as a platform by implementing a browser that runs in the cloud. The backend loads the page and executes the JavaScript on it, streaming the result to the client. The result is a fully featured, secure, private and faster browser that can run inside any modern browser.



A minimalist Feedly client that uses hotkeys and rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) to skim over unread articles.

Github repository


MyA.me is a contextual computing platform for the Internet of Things. The users can create automations (A's) that trigger based on their location, what are they doing, or just by speaking to their phone. This assistants can then respond by showing relevant information or performing some action.



Invenio is an Open Source project that powers the CERN Document Server and INSPIRE, the HEP Database that contains bibliographic records of more than one million publications and that replaced SPIRES, the first website outside of Europe and the first database to be served over the web.

BibCheck squashed commit

CERN points of interest

A collaborative map of CERN for interns and students.

Github repository


An IRC client with node.js backend and HTML5 frontend I did in one hour because no web IRC client satisfied me.

Github repository

Incremental ftp

A FTP client that keeps track of what the files and only uploads the ones that have changed.

Github repository

Reddit RSS feed

A RSS Feed for Reddit with inline images, main content extraction, inlined comments and configurable subreddit weights.

Github repository

HTML5 Tweets

A tweet visualization using HTML5, I made it for showing tweets live to the assistants of a conference.


RGB Clock

One hour project


HTML5 Canvas game

An HTML5 Canvas Game, made in ~12h that I should have spent studying.



Umamimo is an online food ordering service and one of the 3 winners of Startup Weekend Malaga 2010.